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Can’t add a note to a contact on iPhone 6s

Lately, Apple users have been complaining that they can’t seem to add a note to any of their contacts anymore. The notes section is there when the contact is edited but nothing happens when anywhere in that space is pressed. This has got almost everyone of us confused. Does anyone have a fix?


Do you have more than one email account on your phone?

 Contacts would be a feature in an email account.

Try this now. Rather than tap Edit first, just go down to the notes field, tap in there and see if the keyboard comes up. If it does, type your note then back out of the Contacts app by tapping Contacts in the upper left. Then go back to that contact and see if your notes are there.

Believe it or not, I have been dealing with this pesky issue for many months, only to finally figure out the simple solution that works for me 100% of the time. When you “click” on Notes, you MUST click directly below the N in Notes. You can’t click ON it or just anywhere in the box. It has to be directly below the N. For me this always works, whether in view mode or edit mode.


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