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How to fix Amazon Tap wifi disconnect issue

Set up the Tap to use internet but next time when you try to use it

Unlike other Amazon products like Echo, Echo Dot the Amazon Tap is giving more trouble for many users. The set up is easy just like the other products, but once you set up it works just fine.

But when you try to use it after a while you’ll notice that the Tap is disconnected from your Wifi and need to re-connect.

You think okay it is fine, let’s re-connect and it won’t happen again. But when you re-connect it appeared to be that Amazon Tab is disconnected from the Wifi again and again. The Amazon Tech Support even does not have a clear solution for this.

So this is not acceptable for top line Amazon product like Tap and there is a fix for the issue but you might not like it.

But it is better to know those things before you buy it, isn’t it?.


Amazon Tap, unlike the Echo, was only designed for a single band Wi-Fi. So you need to use a Wifi Router that supports 2.4GHz or split your dual band router to use Wifi bands separately with two separate password. No fun.

What is the difference between single band and dual band Wifi on Notebook PC/AIO?

Dual band means WLAN card has both 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless capabilities. It can connect to a 2.4GHz or 5GHz wireless router. 5GHz is better since there is almost no interference on the 5GHz band.


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