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iMessage won’t send – What is causing the failure?

iMessage Issues

Lately Apple clients have been complaining of various failures related to iMessaging. The increasing rates, the failing messages and so many of us are still confused as to what is really going on??

What you need to know is, if the matter is related to text not being delivered or additional chargers the error is not with the Apple product.

imessage and facetime features on apple

Also keep in mind that iMessage is a free service which requires internet to complete actions. additional charges from using the app need to be checked with your network provider.

What is iMessage and Facetime?

this is a feature Apple came up with in 2010 offering a one on one video calling option between two apple users.The feature was tailor made to make life easier to use with no user setup.

then came iMessage in 2011 allowing users to send and receive messages free of charge with no added taxes except for a dependable internet connection though apple.



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