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iOS : iOS10 – News widget “Couldn’t Load Stories”

News App on iOS10 provides a widget on with latest News

Typically stories from News app will show up as a widget in quick access widgets when you swipe-right from home screen. But there are some reports about that not being showed for some users but works fine on News App when they open the App.

This issue appeared to be shown to so many international iPhone users not too many US based users.

First thing you need to do is make sure you are allowed to use the Location, in order to do that go to Settings -> News. If you see Never for the location change it to While using and allow access.

If that didn’t help you then try the below.

In iOS10 you can delete the News App from your iPhone. So delete it from you iPhone like you do for any problematic Apps and download it again from the App store, it will fix the issue.


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