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iPad printing via wifi isnt working after iOS 10 update

iPad printing via bluetooth not working

A recent ios 10 update seemed to have triggered a change in one or more apple devices

wifi printing lost on ipad

For example, someone constantly connecting to printer via wifi can be in helpless when an urgent document needs to be processed.

Even though this is a rare issue it can be very threatening at a urgent moment.

If you have already tried the basics which are

  1. restart device
  2. uninstall Aio
  3. shut down device,

and it has not helped, then try

  1. Reset Wi-Fi router
  2. Check for firmware updates
  3. Reboot iPad

Also try this method which may also be a good approach.

go to the desired document then click the box with the up arrow, scroll on the bottom box which gives you to the right until you see “Print” with the picture of the printer, from there click it. You should see a preview of the document if you’re viewing it correctly (through a download link and shows the page where you can open it up as something else) then select my printer and set up for printing.


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