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iPhone 6 plus battery drain problem, reason and solution

Solution for iphone battery drainage

Another common problem with iPhones lately is the super fast battery drainage which isnt cool.

ios 6 battery

Recently this has become a very common error on apple iPhones. This unexpected battery drainage could be quite frustrating and annoying.Though there are a couple of reasons that cause the battery life to die before its time.

Sometimes an software update could trigger this battery failure, for example the recent iOS 10.2.1 update is known to drain battery life in half, this is caused by a bug in the recent iOS 10 update is the cause of this. Users complain that the update to iOS 10.1 (or iOS 10.1.1), on certain iPhone models cause a shut down as if they are completely out of battery, even when they do have a battery life if about 30% left.

The funny part though is,when these phones are plugged back in, they boost back to the previous 30%

iPhone 6s bug is the most common among apple phones affected. The phone requires a hardware fix. Apple gives instructions on how you can check its website to see whether you’re affected and how to return your phone if needed.


Another reason could be that your battery life has come to an end. If a simple reset does not solve the battery drainage issue try a  factory reset then under settings > general > reset > reset all content and settings. If this too does not work then definitely try a battery replacement.



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