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iPhone Camera Focus Problem And Black Screen

Apple iPhone camera going insane

A lot of recent complaints have been flooding the internet with a camera issue which hasn’t quite been determined. The causes of this as well as the series of problems varies from to another.

Common among the iPhone 7 Plus,  6S Plus the camera appears to freeze and go unresponsive, sometimes followed by the yellow focus rectangle while the error could be a hardware problem there could be other reasons leading to it.

So we’ve put down a few facts that various iPhone users around the world had and what solutions could be helpful

iPhone 7+ Camera Malfunction Signs

  • Camera goes completely blurry and out of focus, nothing works unless you restart
  • Phone completely freezes and even home screen isnt accessible
  • Camera goes completely black and tries to auto focus
  • Camera opens blurry with a frozen screen which turns black
  • Very dark out of focus images

Quick fixes

  • Try selecting video and then back to photo
  • Restart the phone
  • ‘End task’ all background applications
  • Instal the beta release of iOS 10.2 beta 1
  • Set it to factory settings, without using the latest backup
  • Download a separate camera app
  • Take the phone to apple explain the problem with demonstration they would surely exchange the phone for a new one.


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