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iPhone : Why I switched to iPhone from Android

iPhone 6 made me switch from Android and here is why

I’ve owned A LOT of smartphones in the past 8 years. I started out with one of the originals and definitely the pioneer, the original iPhone. I bought it the first day with no line.

Walked in and out from the Apple store with it in about 10 minutes. Everywhere I went in Vegas (where I lived at the time) I was treated like a celebrity. I’m not even kidding. Anywhere I went, from clubs to fast food joints, I was treated right and was the center of attention.

All over a phone. I know status is everything in Vegas, but since you had to pay full price for the phone ( I think it was about 700 bucks, I don’t remember exactly), people assumed you had a ton of money ( I didn’t, but I was very comfortable) and would seemingly bend over backwards for you. From there I went to the 3g and after it seemed like going in very tiny, minuscule steps in advancing features, I left for Android.

I bought a Nexus One and I loved it. It was a million times better than the iPhone and I stuck with Android since I bought the Nexus One. I bought one iPhone (then returned it) in between the time I bought the Nexus One and 3 days ago (iPhone 4s).

I love Android. Still do. I am a phone nut though. It drives my wife crazy, but I love buying a phone every 6-12 months, sometimes sooner. My last phone was a LG G3, and to me it’s still the best Android phone on the market. I have it rooted running Kit Kat and like it that way. I’ve had it almost a year and my itch to get a new phone was coming on.

My wife needed a new phone because the Lollipop update for her Note 4 made it awful. The lag brought on Lollipop made her ask me if she could get a new phone. Of course. I’m always looking at the newest Android phones. Windows phones don’t interest me and I haven’t thought about getting an iPhone in years. I will be honest though.

Even in a vanilla Android phone like the Nexus 6, I can’t get past Lollipop. There’s a lot of things about it that I don’t like. I installed the stock version of Lollipop on my G3 and almost immediately went back to Kit Kat. I really enjoyed the stock version of the G3 so going the CM route really didn’t interest me. With how awful Lollipop made the Note 4, I thought about it for a couple of days and asked my wife what she thought about the iPhone.

After a little bit of discussion we got in the car and headed to the AT&T store. 20 minutes after arriving she walks out with her iPhone 6 (regular)

I like big phones. The LG G3 is the PERFECT size for me. I could reach anywhere on the screen without straining my hand to do so. I tried the Nexus 6 at the AT&T store while my wife was picking out her phone and the size didn’t bother me so much. Lollipop did.

I like the front facing speakers on the N6 and I was prepared to buy one from Motorola direct since the price difference was big enough to warrant buying from them versus AT&T. I checked out the G4 and with Lollipop and being almost the same in almost every way to my G3, it didn’t make sense using my upgrade on that. I left the AT&T store without a phone.

My wife came home and started using the phone right away. The regular 6 is a really nice phone. I like the way it feels in my hand. The screen isn’t as small as I thought it was and the build quality is great. My wife didn’t want the 6 Plus because the Note 4 was too big for her and she didn’t want to go that route again. Her hand is about half the size of mine so it makes sense.

After seeing the drastic changes in iOS, I already knew I was going to get the plus. I went into the AT&T store the next day and bought the 128GB in gold and have been playing with it almost nonstop since. It’s amazing how iOS is optimized.

They are able to take a DUAL core 1.4ghz chip with 1 GB of RAM and make it buttery smooth. If you put those specs in an Android phone it would lag beyond belief. The 1080P screen is amazing. The G3 has a 1440P screen, but honestly I can’t tell the difference.

The finger print scanner is extremely accurate. I had the S6 and S6 Edge twice (first was a dud) and about every 10-15 times I would use the fingerprint scanner to open the phone, it wouldn’t recognize my print and I had to try again. I had one instance in the 3 days I’ve had this phone where it didn’t notice it right away and I use it about 50-60 times a day, maybe more. You can also use multiple fingers to login (i.e. set up more than one finger) and being ambidextrous, this is a very nice feature that I’m glad they implemented.

One thing I didn’t like about the G3 at all was the camera. The G4 has a similar camera. I’m not talking megapixels or quality, but how slow it is when you want to take multiple shots.

I’ve had issues early on with the G3 where you couldn’t take more than one picture at a time. You had to wait for it to process and have it showing in the gallery before you could take another photo. Having a toddler, that’s a no-go.

I want something I could use in lieu of my DSLR if needed and the iPhone camera does that. The slow-mo and time lapse are great features that almost make me regret buying a GoPro. If the iPhone was waterproof I would sell my GoPro.

The only negative things about iPhones (and Apple products in general) are the accessories and prices. I have no problem paying $1000 for a phone but the proprietary cables on Apple products needs to go.

I have car chargers and USB cables that work with every Android phone in the past half decade but I have to buy additional cables that cost a lot of money (for cables). I bought 3-4 cases for my G3 on Amazon for under $30. I bought one iPhone case for $20. The car charger is $13 and I paid about half that for my Android car charger. That’s the only big negative about switching from Android.

In conclusion I never thought I would buy an iPhone after being away for so long. However, Android is getting stale to me. It definitely has some redeeming qualities to it but iOS is so smooth and optimized.

I still can’t get over what a dual core can do when you have the right OS. I’m happy Apple made the Plus. If I wasn’t able to buy a bigger iPhone I would still use my G3 because it’s the best phone for Android once rooted and modded.

I know how Android and iOS users have their own little wars going on between them. It’s almost as bad as politics. However, you cannot go wrong with this phone. It takes a little while to get used to, coming from Android, however what iOS is offering now trumps Android. I wish it didn’t take me this long to realize it because I would have bought the 6 plus when it first came out. This phone is the best phone out there right now.

Get the 6 or 6 plus and you won’t be disappointed. I would suggest the 6 plus because the battery life is amazing, especially when you turn off location services when it’s not needed.


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