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iPhone : What’s good bad of the iPhone 7 with hands on experience

After using the iPhone 7 for couple of months what users has to say about the phone

I’ve been using the phone since end September (I received it around September 23rd 2016) and here the what my everyday experience with the iPhone is.

Plus points

  • Water resistant – this is a huge improvement for me!
  • Increased speed is noticeable w Siri.
  • The capacity is amazing! (I have the 256) I can keep movies, videos, books, photos, music etc without having to store on iCloud or the like (which usually involves a monthly fee).
  • Decent size (same as iPhone 6S) while remaining portable and although not as big as the 7 Plus, it can still fit in pocket.
  • Widget feature (swiping to right at home screen) has been improved and now allows editing. You can add or delete features which can be key for privacy and being able to customize is always a good thing.
  • Has lots of added fun features in iMessage (not sure if its the updated software or strictly iPhone 7) like memes, automatic replies and being able to write w your fingertip.
  • Camera takes much better pics (increased the megapixels and the difference is noticeable) and it has 5X zoom capability.
  • Has the fingerprint option for quicker access after you enter your 6 digit pass code to begin.
  • The style and sleekness of the new Jet Black option is a thing of beauty. It’s almost criminal to cover it (but necessary for me).
  • Even slimmer than the iPhone 6 but still able to stand up against something for convenient viewing.
  • Speaker upgrade as it now provides stereo (not up to audiophile standards but still).

Minus Points

  • No headphone jack!! but box includes dongle (see photo) which inserts into charging port and provides headphone jack – I have a bet with myself on how long it will take to lose. I know wireless headphones are the future but happy with my old faithful headphones.
  • The home button is not as well defined. Its gonna take longer than 24 hrs to get used to as it takes me a few tries to activate the home button. It requires the right amount of pressure and despite offering three different options, not easy. The guys at the Apple Store need to stop showing off – on the bright side, I’m thinking it’s a learning curve thing and continued use should take care of this issue.

The Final Thought

Is it worth the extra money? I’m not so sure but despite the two drawbacks, which I think are a temporary, I’m loving the features and ease of the iPhone 7 and the Jet Black is beyond elegant and sleek.

I will provide update after continued usage.


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