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SEO : How long till a new site gets Indexed in Google

Let’s discuss how long for Googel to Index a site a freshly created or existing

Indexation can be vary to site to site but following are the most common questions regarding the indexing time and response time of a search bot.

  • How long does it take to get Indexed.
  • How long does Google take to Index a site.
  • How fast does Google Index a site.
  • Still not Indexed.
  • How long does it take to get Crawled.
  • How long does Google take to Crawl a site.
  • How fast does Google Crawl a site.
  • Still not Crawled

The broad answer is the time can be vary, as far as the time goes there is no set time in for Google to initially index your site. That does not looks fun.

There are some key factors thought:

  1. Popularity of the site (Whether it has any links to it)
  2. Whether the content is Crawl-able (Server Responses and Content type)
  3. Site structure (how pages interlink)

If you did it right then, it is possible for the site to be crawled/indexed within 4 days to 4 weeks.
In some cases but still it may take longer.

Things to do to check/ensure that things are “optimal” for crawling/indexing

Check Server responses

Pages should return 200/OK responses. Use tools like to check the response.

Have actual “content”

This means having content that bots/spiders can “see” and understand (text!). If you are using purely Images, solely Flash or loading content up via JavaScript – then you are likely to encounter problems. Remember – bots like to “read” – so ensure that you have “text” for them to read!

Use “normal” links

Normal  links are things such as    <a href=”some_URL” title=”optional”> Some Link Text </a>Using JavaScript based events (no href value, instead using or using select list elements with functions etc.) may result in the bots not following!

Submit the site

NO – Verification is NOT the same as Submitting. To submit your site – use the URL Submittal tool

Be discovered

If at all possible, have a few links to the site from other sites. These links should be from related/topical/relevant sites. These links should be from quality/trusted/popular/reliable sites. Links do seem to help – but do NOT go overboard – it only needs 1 link that is “normal” (can be seen/followed by bots).

Verify your site

Sign up for a Google Webmaster Tools account. This does NOT mean the same as Submitting your URL! This MAY NOT improve the chances of getting crawled/indexed. This can help in discovering/locating/understanding problems as/when/if they occur.

Provide a Sitemap

This is completely Optional! Sitemaps do NOT guarantee getting Crawled/Indexed.
Sitemaps MAY NOT increase your chances of getting crawled/indexed, nor improve the speed/rate.

Common Problems/Causes for initial Crawling/Indexing

Poor Server responses

– The server sending Bad Responses (404/410/500 etc.),
– The server being Slow/Timing out (taking ages to acknowledge/reply to the server request),
–  Having Excessive Redirect Strings (Redirect from URL A to B, to C, to D etc.),
–  Using non-standard Redirects (JavaScript etc.),
…may result in the initial crawl getting stuffed.

DomainNameServer responses

that fail to resolve or that have major issues can cause problems.

Really shoddy code/markup

such as seriously malformed <head></head> sections etc. can cause problems.


– being malformed,
– being incorrectly setup,
– not returning a proper response code,
…can cause crawling issues

robots meta

People may have unwittingly blocked bots, included multiple/additional robots tags and unknowingly be denying bots to ability index/follow pages.


  1. Please, before deciding that your site is Not Indexed
  2. Be aware that information/data in the Google WebMaster Tools (GWT/GWMT) may not be “accurate”. (It is known to be out of date / out of synch in many cases)
    1. To check for your site in the Search Engine Results,
    2. Please use the Site: operator  =  in Google search, in teh search box, type in    site:www.yourdomain.tld   or   site:yourdomain.tld)
    3. Try doing a search for the <title> of a given page using quotes around it (  “your pages title”  )
    4. Try doing a search for a snippet of “unique” content using quotes (  “just copy and paste a short sentence of so from one of your pages”  )
  3. If requesting help/assistance/information regarding your site and getting crawled/indexed – PLEASE supply relevant information.


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